Testimonials from our valued customers

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Christina Ho

Kuala Lumpur, Age 50

I feel great with lot of difference after consume 3 boxes of Naturion Collagen which firm up my body shape & to gain bust push up by ½ cup. Moreover, I feel more energy with my daily task as well as better sleep by night. Younger by age which let me felt so much self confidence. Even some customer do not believe of my actual age.

Madam Chuah Siew Lan

Puchong, Age 54

3 months ago, by chance I come across Naturion Collagen through a health article from news paper and I bought it for a trial. After 2 weeks consumed, I found that my body & hand pain has ease, so I continue to consume it. My health now very much better than before, my body pain has almost disappeared; furthermore, my face pigmentation has become lighter. I am very happy and thankful to Naturion Collagen, without hesitate I will introduce to all my friends and relatives.

Ms Suwapatara

Bangkok, Age 36

Recent month, I was being recommend by friend about “ Naturion Marine Collagen” . By continue consume for about 3 boxes of collagen, I do realize that’s was a great difference & improvement toward my finger nails & hairs. It’s become strengthen & more shining on both my finger nails & hair falls. As for my skin pigmentation, wrinkles & pores were getting smoother , whitening, less oily & easier to make up.

Ms Ivy Kho

Kuching, Age 43

As job stress & most time eating out. My body immune system become weak & aging. Till I were recommended to consume "Naturion Collagen", my skin complexion become lighten, body firmer. Especially on my black eyes circle, it's totally disappear. Now, I feel more confident to myself with less stress but more energetic to my daily routine work.

Noor Mastura Rufqiah Bt Hamid

Selangor, Age 28

After consume Naturion Collagen,I felt more energetic day by day. Usually I can easily get tired and always feeling sleepy. But nowdays no more, Im starting to do more work even after my working hours. Other than that, I can feel my face become more soft after I use Naturion Collagen as my facial moisturizer. Usually I will mix ¼ collagen with liquid moisturizer and apply it on my face. I will make sure to do this 2 or 3 times per week. Naturion Collagen was good for health and also for beauty.

Amer Hafeez Bhatti

Pakistan, Age 43

Muscle stiffness and back pain which due to work stress have been bothering me for years. As most of the time I do require a pillow to support my back while dining at the restaurant. At one time, while I was having lunch with foreign guest, I was advice and introduce to consume Naturion collagen with 2 sachets per day for about 2 months. I'm feeling great now, more energized and no more back pain. I'm reordering Naturion Collagen for myself and as a gift to my father-in-law to reduce his joints problem.

Pn Zahariah bt Md Jan


I started taking NATURION Hydroylzed Collagen since 2007 until now 2014. As a result, now, even though I've aged 51 years, I have no problems with knee pain. Apart from that, I still preserved skin elasticity. My hair and nails healthy. I will continue to take NATURION Hydroylzed Collagen especially for health care overall.

Mr Kho Yok Chong

Sarawak, Age 52

As obesity body overweight and back pain has obstruct me for years which affect my daily routine work. This problems solve when I was introduce to consume Naturion Collagen by beautician. My body become firmer, body weight lost control, smaller tummy, skin itchy no more & back bone painless. For only 6~7 months, I'll been consume over 25 boxes and the effect were great.

Evelyn Storrie

Sarawak, Age 61

By continue consume 4 boxes of Naturion Collagen, my wrinkles become more fine & lesser. More over it helps to reduce my bone pain on osteoporosis & osteoarthritis problems. Thanks to te recommendation of thw beautician which make me to feel more energy & healthier.

Ms Sam Siew Mei

Puchong, Age 39

By continue consume of Naturion hydroluyzed collagen, my sensitive skin problem resolve and become more shiny. Feeling more energetic on my daily routine work.

Madam Wo Yuet Men

Kuala Lumpur, Age 49

Whenever I had carried something heavy, I would have to rest for a few days to recover. Lately, I have noticed that my back dosen't ache as much which I always complaining to pharmacists of my back pain and would ask them for pain killer.Another thing which I noticed after taking Naturion Collagen, was that, I had lost a bit of fat, especially around the waist, even though I had not been excercising as diligently as I should have. I was quite pleased about that. Now, I am recommending it to a friend who is having similar back problems like me.

Madam Lee Yit Ming

Kuala Lumpur, Age 41

After consumed the Naturion Collagen, I noted that my skin firmed up and skin tone lighten, wrinkles getting lesser. My appearance looked a lot better. Previously, I have leg & joint pain problem. I am very confidence in Naturion Collagen.

Puan Norazlin Bt. Mohd Khir

Pahang, Age 27

I am a teacher. Before taking Naturion collagen, I often covered with a lot of pimples on my face & my skin looks dull. As well as visible acne scars on my face. Since taking 2 boxes of Naturion collagen, I find my skin more smooth and soft. My skin is dull at first becomes more bright and cheerful. The effect of the acne scars disappear & with no more acne have grown.

Puan Rahilah Bt. Omar

Kajang, Age 35

Once I am allergic to seafood where I need to take medication after eating seafood because of feeling itchy. Since taking Naturion collagen , I no longer need medication when eating seafood & no more itch. The cuts on nails as pus is quickly recovered after taking Naturion collagen . My menstrual flow better as feel like aged of 15 years. Waist pain no anymore.

Lianniz Lei

Selangor, Age 42

女人在四十年头,除了修养,运动及养生之外,保养由内之外都很重要,每天忙碌的生话,还要照顾家庭生活的点点滴滴,把咱们女人搞到不再照顾自己的形像和体形。。这从認识了Naturion collagen, 服食近一年多来,皮肤有所改善,肤色均匀和细质,脸部的毛孔缩小好多,比较紧实及容光焕发,还有每天让我朝气蓬勃和精神奕奕。不但如此它还能把女人的宝贝胸部建挺和结实和把我的身形永远保持健美不容易发胖。。有了Naturion collagen 我更爱我自己,也希望天下所有女人开始要爰自己多一点点,把自己多宠爱。。谢谢你,Naturion collagen!

Juliana Ng

Sarawak, Age 58

I was first introduced to Naturion Collagen more than 2 years ago. As aging factor & with menopause, my skin was dull & its moisture has also weakened. Pigmentation were also seen on my face & arms. After consuming Naturion Collagen, my skin moisture has improved & become shiny. Pigmentation has grown lighter on my face & arms. My uric acid has also been maintained to normal level. I would continue to consume Naturion Collagen & recommend to my friends.

Michael Wong Lee Sing

Hong Kong, Age 53

By chance, my friend present us 2 boxes of Naturion Collagen during them visit to Hong Kong. But we did not consume it till some time my wife were twisted her leg aftter falling from the staircase in Taiwan trip. I were then advised by ,y foreign friend to consume the Nturion Collagen which may help to rebuild amd to recovery from bone injury. After intake of 2 sachets per day within 1~2 month, she recovering from her broken leg. At the same time her skin complexion were getting smoother as well as brighten pigmentation gaining.

Ms Wudan

China, Age 39

All the while, my daily working life is rather stressful. Feeling tiredness or sleepless at all time. Body getting lumpy and out of shape after marriage. Until recently, I was introduce by my fellow friend from Malaysia to drink "Naturion collagen" during my vacation at Kuala Lumpur. Result was great after 1 month continue drinking of the collagen, I am feel energetic to work and my body become firming and younger looking than my previous.

Madam Chan Siew Moi

Seremban, Age 54

Ever since undergone surgery plus menopause hormone imbalance. It became feeling haggard, insomnia and dry skin; follow by knees ache aging could not even climb up stairs even after consultation from the doctors. Surprisingly! with only five days intake of the Naturion collagen, I have relieve from pain & easily doing my routine work. After continue intakes of three months, friends are commended that my face become shining & younger look, skin were also smoother and delicate. Cracked heels was recover.

KN Wong

Kuala Lumpur, Age 52

After continue taking 3 months of collagen for 2 sachets per day. Doctor has confirm that my colestrol & urine acid level is back to normal. At the same time, I do notice that my tiredness, sleepless, back & shoulder pain were no longer feel. Within 6 months, by continue taking if the collagen, my body shape become firmer, tummy waist reduce by 4 cm & 5 kg of weight loss. I am now more confidence of myself as younger look has cover up my actual age. Thanks to Naturion Collagen.

Dr. YC Wong Associate Professor

Singapore, Age 64

I took the Naturion collagen daily 2 packets upon my return to Singapore. I noticed significant improvement in joint mobility & reduction in stiffness of the affected left knee within 3 days of therapy. Now that I am on the 3rd week of collagen, I can walk fairly freely without a limp, and able to climb stair case without difficult. This improvement occured even before I started my physiotherapy. Thank you for introducing the Naturion collagen therapy; it certainly makes a remarkable difference in my recovery from meniscus injury.

Jojoh Lee


On and off, I have been having pains, especially at the knees. I find it difficult to train for my runs and climbs, as I have an active lifestyle. I started taking one sachet of Naturion Collagen in the morning and one at night. Upon finishing the second pack, I could feel a distinct difference in my skin and joint conditions. After finishing 3 packs, I went on my 16-day Everest Circuit Trek (ECT) to Nepal, whereby I continued with one sachet a day. During the ECT, we trekked an average of 6 to 10 hours a day, covering 8 to 12 kms. We spent about 9 days at elevations of more than 4,000 meters, higher than the summit of Mt Kinabalu.

Puan Nagamah A/P V. Perumal

Melaka, Age 49

As aging growth, osteoporosis and asteortrisis problem occurs on both sides of my legs. It is serious enough to make my feet swell when walking and so much pain during rest or sleep. I was advised to take two sachets of Naturion Collagen each day. After taking second package of the product, I notice that my pain was diminishing & sleep better without pain. My job is made easier despite knee pain is still felt. In addition, my body is getting stronger and feel relieved when passing water.

May Chia

Kuala lumpur, Age 24

.I felt so lucky by get to know Naturion Marine Collagen. I find this is truly a great product. Now, I have brighter(whitening) and smoother skin. It is not just let my skin feeling more firm & moisturized, most important I feel more energetic toward my daily work(Before that, I always feel tire after long hour work as shop assistance). Recently, most of my friend were surprise that I have such a great change onto my skin and I have even recommend it to them. Thank you for recommended the Naturion Marine Collagen to me.